Writing Coaching Services


Christine provides one on one coaching services for writers, particularly supporting writers engaged in the deep emotional labor of working on multicultural and womanist issues. She specializes in academic writers dealing with the challenges of publication.


Writing coaching, rather than editorial assistance, aims to support you to transform your writing process for greater ease and enjoyment of your unique writing process, develop self awareness and internal monitoring of persistent writing issues, and engage professional growth. Areas of professional growth include, but are not limited to: marketing/ audience awareness, interfacing with colleagues and editors, public speaking, and developing or managing a writing agenda. We work on a specific project, or work more generally.

Christine has coached adult and youth writers one on one, and taught university writing courses, since 2007.  Her own writing work has been awarded multiple funds and grants. She has received training from the Writing Project, UCLA Graduate Student Writing Center, UCLA’s Freshman Writing program. She trained most recently with Philip Pullman’s award-winning Writers’ Studio.


Contact CHRISTINE at christine@kultur-designnyc.com or book at calendly.com/christine-77 for a FREE 30-min exploration call.

Packages of 5-, 10-, and 15 sessions are available. Each session is held in person or on the phone, 50-60 min. with mid-week brief text or email check-in. Contact christine@kultur-designnyc.com for pricing.




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  1. Bridge says:

    Took a class with them about Politics of Language and it really made me aware of my own language use and those around me. We also developed transcripts of a learning environment which was a really awesome project that I never realized was so intricate

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  2. Isabel says:

    I took Prof. Malsbary’s course at Vassar College, Teachers as Cultural Workers, and I’m so thankful to have gotten to develop culturally relevant curriculum under her direction. Prof. Malsbary is a charismatic, articulate, no-nonsense professor who often talks about teaching as healing and as a political act of reparation. I learned a lot about my potential as an educator to decolonize myself and my classrooms, and I felt that our class exemplified that mission through the positive and democratic community we created.

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  3. Linda says:

    Just two classes with Professor Malsbary have provided me with essential tools as an education major. Her Politics of Language course and her Teachers as Cultural Workers course combine important theoretical discussions with insightful ethnographic work to create some of the most valuable experiences of my college career!

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  4. Claire says:

    Through working with Dr. Malsbary I have learned about the vast opportunities to leverage the knowledge individuals develop from peripheral and active participation in their cultural communities. In conversations framed with ideology from Gutiérrez and Rogoff, Moll, and others, I have learned to use education to celebrate diversity.

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  5. Lindsay says:

    Through working with Professor Malsbary to dissect the theory behind incorporating students’ culture into the classroom, as well as building my own culturally relevant curriculum under her guidance, my eyes have opened to the white supremacy promoted by the American school system and the opportunities we must create in order to implement change. Professor Malsbary has the ability to identify problems and beautifully articulate her ideas for reworking and transforming those issues to better the school system.

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